Nagging Annie - Original Song

Brand Lane


Spoken: Brand Lane, a spiteful existance

119 Memories, 119 scars

A lane, like many other lanes

Except, half way down this one at number 119.......


...They built a Lunatic Asylum

Crafted, depraved and fashioned with flaws

Open doors

Padded walls

They sanctioned a concealment

Spat threats and blinded their eyes

Covered ears

Silent cries


You know, I never grew to trust ya

You know the truth

As Well as I do

Yes I ran, but I ran from you!

I had the balls to confront ya

and you denied it

As you always do

(But) When it comes around, it will come for you!


I wont take this shit no more

4o years and still got the taste of it

I wont hang my head no more

40 years and still my neck aches from it


You went denying it


Well, I have pulled down the asylum

Crafted, Depraved andFashioned with Flaws

Open doors

Padded walls