Nagging Annie - Original Songs



I am a casualty

Of Visceral reality

Shuffling along on the heels of my feet

I am a casualty 

Of loating depravity

Avoiding the gaze of those in the street


Looking out from the doorway

Seeing it my way

The look of disgust and the spit to the floor

The Judge and the Jury

You all pass before me

Casting down sentence to the soul by the door


Doors swing both ways

Doors swing both ways

One moment you're up, the next you are down

Doors swing both ways

Doors swing both ways

At the moment, you're up, but you could be down


Youre the accuser

The passive abuser

Avoiding the truth, for the pain that it brings

Youre the collusion

Divine retribution

Distorting the truth, from the words that I sing


Looking into the doorway

Seeing it your way

The dirt in my nails and the drink in my eyes

The Pauper and loser

Cowering before you

A passing resemblance to the love of your life!