Nagging Annie - Original Songs

Ive Named You!


I am half the man I could have been

And yet, twice the man of you

I had the chance to snatch your mask

Others couldnt see it through

4o years a broken, twisted Marionette

Danced my whole life on your strings

You, the chameleon Puppet master

Changing demeanour, changing Skin


But I  can name you

I can accuse you


You were twice the man, of the boy you broke

And yet, you couldnt see

Neither the tail of the whip, nor the thrust of a hip

Would be the defining of me

Memories fester, Images blur

The cloying stench of Coal Dust

The stale tobacco and Alcohol Slur

Triggers for fear, habingers of lust


And I will name you

I will accuse you


Society flinches, headlines rattle

A myriad of choked tears

Venereal Indifference, Rape of Innocense

A cancerous passage of year

Gloating malevolence, dull ambivalence

Epiphany borne on the wings of fears


I have named you!